Boy is it difficult to get a good detail done for a reasonable price anymore.  I am really particular when it comes to detailing, and I know what to expect from varying levels of details.  Sometimes a cheap detail is all one needs, but others can't afford to cut corners.  I am confident that I will be able to direct you and your car to the right detail after we spend a few minutes discussing what your goals are.

I want everyone to know that when a quality, top notch detail is what you want or need, we can deliver that level of detailing at a very reasonable cost.  Our detailer, Paul, has astonished me with his ability, and knowledge of the detailing processes.  He is one of very few that I would give complete trust with my own vehicles, so I am certain he will deliver a real detail.  No greasy, short-term resutls here.  It's as simple as that. 

You can expect the costs to range from $150-$500, but again, it's best to bring by your vehicle so we can get a good look at what it really needs, and what you're trying to accomplish.  At that point, we can decide together what the best value is for you.  Just remember that a "real" detail takes extra time, and probably should stay with us for 2 days.



Short Video

Short video of a simple PDR.  This dent was in the passenger's front door of my GMC.  It was about the size of a quarter.  Looks perfect now.


Headlight Resurfacing

I am really excited about this new service and the technology it brings. This new headlight resurfacing product is one of the best things I have seen, and am a true believer in the value and benefits it delivers. 

It adds value to your vehicle, both in appearance and in SAFETY.  





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My name is Randy Hansen.  I've specialed in Paintless Dent Repair since 1992!  I don't know how many 100's of thousands of dents I've successfully removed for dealer and private party clients.  Funny thing is, I still love doing it and I love making people happy.  I really do love my craft.  I'm a car guy, my passion is for cars in general, and I'm happiest when I can preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle with a quality repair, and make a friend at the same time.



Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is always the best option when one gets tired of looking at those irritating minor dings and dents.  Minor dents could be caused by things like another car door, a shopping cart, a bicycle or other light objects that may tip over in the garage. More severe dents caused by larger or heavier objects can sometimes, but not always, stretch the metal too far, and the metal can lose it's "memory" and wont return to where we'd like it. The size or diameter of the dent often times does not matter, however; the force of impact certailny will.  

That being said, I've repaired soft dents that were the size of a large watermelon, and they came out great, but I've also tried to repair dents no bigger that a dime and had no luck at all.  Every dent is different, so it's always best to call me and talk about what you'd like repaired, or drive by the shop so I can actually see the damage myself.  I've been doing this long enough that I'll have a pretty good idea about what kind of results I'll have, what kind of time I'll need your vehicle, and a price range that will make sense and provide a good value.



Two words: Experience, Ability.  It literally takes years to develope these skills.  PDR is an art form, no doubt. I am confident in my abilities to deliver repairs that meet or exceed the clients expectations.  More importantly, I am certain that you will leave feeling you have just made a great connection with a car guy that genuinely cares about you, your vehicle, and your satisfaction.  

I may not be the cheapest, but I am certainly not the most expensive.  I always try to give the customer a good value, and that is one key to developing lasting relationships.  I have never had a "per panel" or "per dent" charge.  What I can offer you is the best value, if we just aproach it by the job.  Prices are always determined by the difficulty of the repair.  So come on by the shop, I'd be glad to have the opportunity to meet you, and see if I can guide you through the process.