While your vehicle is here at the shop, we can arrange for any detailing/paint polishing needing done.  Complete detailing services are available and performed by my trusted friends in each profession  Details can be arranged by appointment only.  Prices will vary based on needs, but a complete detail should start in the $225 range.  Don't forget to ask!


I have met so many wonderful people over the years by offering my PDR services.  Most often, the client has one ore more issues with their vehicle that they'd like to have repaired, and while I don't personally perform all repair services, I am well connected and only recommend professionals that I would trust with my own cars.  

Many friendships have been developed, and I have to attribute that to gaining their trust and respect by offering my honest and professional opinion.  Sometimes, I will need to say that I cannot fix their dents to a satisfactory level, and that perhaps a conventional bodyshop repair is the next step.  I don't like admitting I can't do something, but when it's in the customers best interest, that's what they'll hear from me. 

It's at this point that I can work for them by connecting them with those who I know and trust, and together, we can deliver a satisfactory solution to the problem at hand, and do it affordably.

I'd love to help you anyway I can, so let's get started.

Call me at 503-805-7031 or email email