There are so many variables when it comes to estimating the cost of a dent repair.  I have always approached estimating from a value stand point.  A minor, single door ding most often can be removed in a short period of time, and I may quote you just $40.  If that dent really bothers you, $40 is a bargain, especially when you consider it could take 3 days in a conventional body shop, and the additional expense of a rental.

Not all dents are small, or in "friendly" places, so the price can go up accordingly.  A more technical or severe dent in a single panel might be very difficult to access, and/or have a lot of metal stretch which makes the price increase.  If I believe I can substantially improve a difficult dent, I consider the overall success I think I will have removing it, and consider the time it will take, then weigh the benefit factor for you.  I may quote you anywhere between $100-$250 for that single dent.  As you can see, it isn't just a rubber stamp price structure.

I will promise you this: I will offer you the best value I can, and give my best effort, everytime.  Having 20 years experience and coming from an automobile dealership family has shown me the true value of this paintless dent repair service.  

Perhaps I can narrow it down a bit with a simple guide.


Single average dent                   $85 and up

2 panels (ie door, fender, etc.)  $125 and up

3-5 panels                               $199 and up

6-11 panels                             $299 and up


Every job is different.  The absolute best way to get a more accurate quote is to call Randy at 503-805-7031.

You can tell me what you'd like repaired, and I can discuss options with you.