Headlight Resurfacing

I am really excited about this new service and the technology it brings. This new headlight resurfacing product is one of the best things I have seen, and am a true believer in the value and benefits it delivers. 

It adds value to your vehicle, both in appearance and in SAFETY.  



The time has finally come!!!

For years, I have received calls and requests about repairing dents in tanks.  Most often I would have to tell the bike owner that I just couldn't access the dent safely, and there just wasn't a way to get it done...Until NOW!! 

Recently I was introduced to an amazing PDR tool fabricator, and he recommended I speak with a man in California about a new motorcycle tank mounting system.  This new system will allow me to take any tank, especially our beloved
HARLEY-DAVIDSON tanks, and secure it in a way that I can gain access and the necessary leverages to work those unacceptable dents in our tanks!  

Obviously, this does require that the tank be off the bike, so winter time is a prime season to get this done.  I can usually have the job done in one day, just in case a nice day comes along and you want to get it back on your bike and get in a good ride.

It's best to give me a call, and text or email me a picture of the dent in your tank.  I can determine if it's a good candidate for a paintless method.  If so, yank that tank off your bike and bring it in.  I'll get it done, and you'll be happy once again with your ride.


Prices start at $150