Headlight Resurfacing

I am really excited about this new service and the technology it brings. This new headlight resurfacing product is one of the best things I have seen, and am a true believer in the value and benefits it delivers. 

It adds value to your vehicle, both in appearance and in SAFETY.  



I never thought I would ever offer or endorse a headlight restoration service here in my shop, but I have to tell you, that I am really impressed by a new technology that takes headlight restoration to a new level.

EZ1 came to my shop, through a referral of a friend, and approached me with the opportunity to see what their new product can do with old, faded, yellowing headlight lenses.  Initially I was not interested in even learning more because I have always thought that by sanding down old plastic lenses, and polishing raw, uncoated plastic was just a short term remedy.  Then, those newly polished lenses would fade even faster than before, because the protective factory coating was compromised, or gone!

When I saw what this new product did to an old headlight, I was amazed.  There was no sanding, no polishing.  He literally cleaned and prepped the lens, and reapplied a new protective coating that was hard and crystal clear!

It kept the integrity of the lens, and made it better than before.  No funny distorted areas caused by heat from over polishing, and was permanent.  Beyond that, its guaranteed for 2 years, and I'd even be willing to personally cover it another 2 years!

A typical headlight polish can be done for $35-$80 for a pair of lenses.  The EZ1 headlight resurfacing system is $125 for a pair of headlight lenses.  Each application comes with it's own kit, ensuring the proper amount of product is applied to each headlight. 

Beyond looking great, a clear and bright headlight can be a matter of life or death.  So please, especially those of us with families, do not discount the importance and maintaining your vehicles headlight clarity.