Boy is it difficult to get a good detail done for a reasonable price anymore.  I am really particular when it comes to detailing, and I know what to expect from varying levels of details.  Sometimes a cheap detail is all one needs, but others can't afford to cut corners.  I am confident that I will be able to direct you and your car to the right detail after we spend a few minutes discussing what your goals are.

I want everyone to know that when a quality, top notch detail is what you want or need, we can deliver that level of detailing at a very reasonable cost.  Our detailer, Paul, has astonished me with his ability, and knowledge of the detailing processes.  He is one of very few that I would give complete trust with my own vehicles, so I am certain he will deliver a real detail.  No greasy, short-term resutls here.  It's as simple as that. 

You can expect the costs to range from $150-$500, but again, it's best to bring by your vehicle so we can get a good look at what it really needs, and what you're trying to accomplish.  At that point, we can decide together what the best value is for you.  Just remember that a "real" detail takes extra time, and probably should stay with us for 2 days.



Headlight Resurfacing

I am really excited about this new service and the technology it brings. This new headlight resurfacing product is one of the best things I have seen, and am a true believer in the value and benefits it delivers. 

It adds value to your vehicle, both in appearance and in SAFETY.  




PDR Solutions is about passion for automobiles.

We want to offer our talents, enthusiasm, and proven approach in the auto reconditioning and customizing industries to those who need specialized assistance or professional consultation. Whether you are selling, buying, maintaining, or trying to resurrect that favorite vehicle of yours, we have the unique ability to maximize your investment in your automobile. I am confident that you will not find such dedication and honesty with any other like business. Please come in, see our history, and be a part of our future.

This is our life, and we would be honored to have you as part of our family.



Randy Hansen - Owner


I am part of an amazing and loving family, with extraordinary parents. My mother gave me my caring, nurturing side. The side that puts others before myself. My father taught me integrity, work ethics, ambition, humility, and the knowledge of the automobile industry that made him a successful dealer for nearly 40 years. 

I remember washing cars for him at the dealerships as early as 8 years old. Every stage of my life has been in and around cars! My dad took me everywhere with him, even at a young age. I have been in sales, service, parts, detail, retail, wholesale, finance, and management.  In 1992, I learned finally that I am happiest when I work with my hands, and building customer relationships that last. In the car business, I have learned what works and what doesn't. What looks good and what doesn't.  What people expect, and what they doesn't! ;)

My goal has been to create a place where both loyal clients and those in need, can come with confidence, knowing they will receive the best quality, value and advise.  A place where they can share my history, know who I am, and where I would like to be in the future.  It"s also important to me to exceed their expectations and give them an enjoyable, personal experience where they feel remembered, welcome, and appreciated.
I am a car guy, through and through.  I share the pleasure in any car that has been someone's passion.
I enjoy putting just about any car project together, and every now and then, I find one for myself to restore and sell.  You never know what may coe up for sale.
I love racing my #40 Late Model Lite dirt track car.  Bob Westcott at MetalWorks built this car and it is top notch. Thanks Bob!
Baseball is another passion of mine.  It seems to be good for the soul, and makes me smile each time I hit the field.  Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.  This pretty much sums up this American boy.